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So, on this day I was replying to the comments of my subscribers on youtube when I got a call from Shrawan Boro saying that ” I’m about to go and buy the benelli tnt 135, Do you wanna come ?” and I hurried to Teku to go meet Zion Boro and Shrawan boro where they were casually looking at an Electric Bike called The Vmoto Soco.

Zion boro asked them If we could test ride the bike and they said “yes, sure why not ?”. So, I did a test ride of the bike not knowing anything about the bike except the Company’s name Vmoto and the bike model name Soco.

And… also…. that it was an electric bike.

And after that we went to check the Benelli TnT 135, Shrawan boro was really eager to buy the bike but unfortunately the Benelli Showroom didn’t have it in stock for sales. So, we had to return empty handed but at least we got to test ride the Bike. 😉

So, we went to test ride two bikes this day and I didn’t know anything about both of those bikes. So, all I could give you guys was a shallow first impressions (or reaction) of what I felt while riding those bikes.

But in the near future If I get a chance to make a complete review or a first impressions kind of video about these bikes then I’ll gladly do it. 😉

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