The Vilano ION is a very affordable folding electric bike sold on Amazon, unfortunately it looks like they no longer stock it? Even the manufacturer website seems to have it discontinued or sold out, also no mention of a warranty. Nice looking paint job, the silver motor casing matches the spokes and plastic fenders, the battery locks to the rack and seems well protected but you don’t have to leave the key in and can charge it on or off the bike! With six gears to choose from you’d think this bike would feel comfortable at speeds from zero to twenty mph but I found that it was difficult to keep up at higher speeds, the chainring is a bit small given the smaller 20″ wheelset. Rear heavy design, the rack was bent when my unit arrived but otherwise all was good and it was easy to assemble, no clasps or cords to keep it in the folded position and no support arm to rest it and protect the chainring.

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